1. Microphone type Hand-held mike
  1. M 88 TG
    Legendary sound for vocals, bass drum and studio
  2. TG V50 (s)
    Professional Vocal Microphone
  3. TG V35 s MIC SET
    Professional Vocal Microphone Set
  4. M 58
    Dynamic ENG/EFP microphone (omnidirectional)
  5. TG V96
    Premium true condenser microphone (cardioid) for vocals
  6. Touring Gear Series Product Family
    Wired Microphones for live performances
  7. TG V70 (s)
    Professionelles dynamisches Mikrofon (Hyperniere) für Vocals
  8. TG V35 s
    Dynamic microphone (supercardioid) for vocals, with On/Off switch
  9. TG I50
    Dynamic microphone (cardioid) for instruments

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