1. Application Studio & Recording
  1. M 130
    Double ribbon microphone (figure of eight)
  2. TG D71
    Professional Drum Microphone for bass drum
  3. TG V90
    Premium ribbon microphone (cardioid) for vocals
  4. M 201 TG
    The classic dynamic, "workhorse stable" microphone for all instrumental applications
  5. M 160
    Double ribbon microphone
  6. M 69 TG
    Classic Microphone for vocals, pure sound for guitar amps and brass
  7. TG I52
    Dynamic clip-on microphone (hypercardioid) for wind instruments
  8. TG V35 s
    Dynamic microphone (supercardioid) for vocals, with On/Off switch
  9. TG V96
    Premium true condenser microphone (cardioid) for vocals

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