Headphones & Headsets
  1. Application Broadcast
  1. DT 102
    Single-ear version of legendary DT 100, for broadcast and film, recording studios and theatre applications.
  2. DT 770 M
    Closed headphone for drummers and monitoring purposes (FOH), with extreme isolation against ambient noise.
  3. DT 990 PRO
    Open studio headphone for mixing and mastering
  4. DT 770 PRO
    Closed reference headphone for control and monitoring applications
  5. DT 240 PRO
    Closed studio headphone for monitoting
  6. DT 108/109 Series
    The worldwide headset standard for live, remote broadcasting, studio, film, TV and language lab applications
  7. DT 100
    The worldwide standard closed headphone for monitoring, ENG/EFP and live-applications.
  8. DT 200 Headset Series
    Headset with condenser microphone for on-air news and sports commentaries (optionally with limiter).
  9. DT 150
    Closed monitoring headphone for use in loud environments and broadcast, film and recording studios.

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