Screwable headphone adapter

Jack adaptor screwable 3,5mm socket to 6,3mm jack

Headphone adapter 1/8” (3,5mm) to 1/4” (6.35mm) 

For: DJX1/ DT250/ DT290/ DT291/ DT294/ DT297/ DT331/ DT431/ DT440/ DT440Edition/ DT531/ DT660/ DT660Edition/ DT770/ DT770old/ DT770Edition/ DT770M/ DT770PRO/ DT770PROHT/ DT831/ DT860/ DT860Edition/ DT880/ DT880old/ DT880Edition/ DT931/ DT990/ DT990Edition/ DT990PRO/ DTX700/ DTX800/ DTX900


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