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AD 808
active antenna combiner
Article Number: 481718
AT 71
UHF wideband groundplane antenna
Article Number: 703796
AVK 800/1 TNC(M) AC7
Antenna cable, length 1 m
Article Number: 473588
AVK 800/10 TNC(M) AC7
Antenna cable, length 10 m
Article Number: 473618
AVK 800/25 TNC(M) AC7
Antenna cable, length 25 m
Article Number: 473626
AVK 800/3 TNC(M) AC7
Antenna cable, length 3 m
Article Number: 473596
Connection cable for external audio source
Article Number: 920371
FB 71
Rack mount ears for one NE 300 S, NE 500 S receiver or one SE 900 transmitter unit in 19"/ 1 HU
Article Number: 469793
FB 72
Rack mount ears for two NE 300 S, NE 500 S, SE 900 or one NE 300 D resp. NE 500 D in 19"/ 1 HU
Article Number: 469807
FBC 71
Cable rear-to-front for antenna front mounting
Article Number: 469823
K 190.Synexis
Connecting cable for the DT 280/290, mini jack connector (3.5 mm) and 4-pin mini XLR plug for Synexis, 1.5 m long
Article Number: 729612
MS 50
MS 50 Wallmount set
Article Number: 707732
Synexis TRB
Weather-resistant belt bag for beltpack transmitter and receiver
Article Number: 724653
TG H56 (Opus)
Neckworn condenser microphone (omnidirectional)
Article Number: 708402
TG L34

Condenser clip-on microphone (cardioid), for film and theatre applications

Article Number: 706256
WS 59 AZ
Wind screen for M 59/69/88, TG-X 48/58/60/80, Opus 29/39/69/81/89, TG V50d, charcoal-grey
Article Number: 419087
ZUV 85
sling for holding handheld transmitters
Article Number: 248509



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