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Beyerdynamic Touring Gear
Beyerdynamic Touring Gear
Production Partner, Edition 12/2011, Writer: Thomas Zahn

(In extracts. Translated from German to English.)


All microphones were tested and proved to be quite robust to withstand the tough use on stage over a long period of time. The sound of the microphones was also of a high quality, lively and gave the user, at the sound mixer, a very good signal. On the whole, with the Touring Gear series beyerdynamic has a product, which can prove to be a very serious competitor for lonstanding manufacturers and assumed standards.

beyerdynamic TG V50d Test report: Dynamic Singing Microphone
TG V50d, 10.11.2011, Writer: Lennart Scheuren

(In extracts. Translated from German to English.)

[…] On the whole I have to say, that the producer has developed, with the beyerdynamic TG V50d, a very handsome singing microphone for stage and rehearsal room, no doubt about it. To my mind, this model has the capability to become the plugged “standard of stage”. […]

[…] The 109 Euros, which is the actual street price for the singing microphone from Heilbronn, can be invested with pure conscience. In thanks you will receive in return from beyerdynamic a really good middle class microphone “made in Germany”.



  • rugged protection cover
  • robust microphone clamp with double thread
  • good and solid workmanship of microphone
  • pleasant and perfected sound



  • grip feeling with big hands
Touring Gear Microphones
DrumHeads!!, Edition 05/11, Writer: Wolfgang Rösch

(In extracts. Translated from German to English.)


The new TG-microphones from Beyerdynamic operate notedly good as a team. The result is a modern, punchy and clear drum sound which is, without any interference, immediately available. In relation to the successful previous products and the M 201 at the snare, the successors scale a rank higher on the sound chart, thanks to the I53c – in this price range a first class choice. Also the clip-mics D57c and D58c have gained sound and can continue the success story of their antecessors – and that all for a moderate price. A really improvement!

Mission Accomplished
Touring Gear Microphones
Sticks, Edition 08/11, Writer: Thomas Adam

(In Extracts. Translated from German to English.)

With the new microphones of the Touring-Gear series, Beyerdynamic scored major success. The fine tuning in the field of Sound Channeling Technology for years seems to be not only pure marketing but also payed off effectively. All tested microphones don not only do what they are expected to do during their intended use but they also reproduce the complete drum set extraordinary good with modern sound. They meet the requirements of real life situations and they are equipped with hands-on details […]

The Vocal-Fraction
Touring Gear Microphones
Xound, Edition 04/11, Writer: Hagü Schmitz

(In extracts. Translated from German to English.)

With the new Touring Gear series the manufacturer from Heilbronn follows a consequent path. With this sweeping statement beyerdynamic delivers a versatile product line which provides for each user and budget something appropriate.

It is important that the microphone matches the voice and offers a good handling. To figure out the personal feeling with the microphone you should give it a try – it’s definitively worth it!

On Tour
Touring Gear Microphones
tools4music, Edition 04/11, Writer: Peter Ludl

(In extracts. Translated from German to English.)

Microphone MANUFAKTUR – that does not only sound like hand made, but also like quality, attention to detail, passion and also exclusivity and even a little bit like luxury. Beyerdynamic has been producing microphones for more than 80 years […]

Beyerdynamic introduces with the "Touring Gear" microphone series a complete series with individual specialists. The series offers for each particular application and budget an adequate model. Especially the models V70d and V71d from the 70 series could be an interesting option for singers […] With the V90r there is even a ribbon microphone available. [...]

Great sound at an affordable pricepoint
Touring Gear Microphones
EventRookie, Edition 02/11

(In extracts. Translated from German to English.)

"[…] make the TG V50d to an excellent adjusted live vocal microphone with a good price-performance ratio – no matter if it is used in a rehearsal room or on stage. The well-balanced, present and unobtrusive sound, the high gain before feedback, its robust and aesthetically design and its pleasant touch let the TG V50d become a true enrichment in this market segment […]  The TG I50d also knows how to please - not only due to its individually design: Regardless of whether in front of electric guitar or bass amps, brass instruments or at the drum kit  - during recording of good sounding instruments extreme EQ-adjustments on the mixing console become unnecessary and the sound is clean and pure."

Tech Review: Beyerdynamic TG V71d Live Dynamic Vocal Microphone
Muse Magazine (, June 6, 2011, author: Nick Roos

(In extracts. You can find the full text at


While certainly not the cheapest mic for its application, it is incredibly solid and will last a long time. Whether it lasts as long as the virtually indestructible SM58 is debatable but it is, in my opinion, sonically superior.

From a performer’s perspective it allows greater expressive freedom thanks to its neutral tone, substantial noise-rejection, reduced proximity-effect and wide dynamic range.

The TGV71d is a performer and live engineer’s dream and would be of great value on tour and a worthy addition to ones arsenal of sonic tools.