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Make yourself heard on guided tours

Wherever you are, on the go with a group of people whom you want to pass on information and organisational processes, you should make sure that you are well heard. The versatile Synexis tour guide system ensures this optimal communication with your guests. The guided tour becomes an individual event for your visitors. With the Synexis tour guide system several groups can take part in guided tours separately and at the same time. Each visitor can adjust the volume individually. Visitors with hearing aids can use an induction loop to transmit the sound directly to the hearing aid.

Kunsthalle Vogelmann art museum uses beyerdynamic’s Synexis Tour Guide System for guided tours
Hear well – learn easier: A tour guide system is the acoustic solution for guided tours and museum education, as illustrated by the Kunsthalle Vogelmann art museum in Heilbronn / Germany.

Tours of Hamburg’s “Michel” using the beyerdynamic Synexis tour guide system
St. Michaelis is one of Hamburg’s main churches and one of the most beautiful baroque churches in North Germany. For guided tours at the Michel are now conducted using a beyerdynamic Synexis tour guide system providing 100 receivers.

Moderated concerts at the Nikolaisaal Potsdam with beyerdynamic’s Synexis Tour Guide System
The concert organisers of the Nikolaisaal in Potsdam (Germany) offer a wide range of events, which make music more tangible due to background information. beyerdynamic’s wireless Synexis system is used for the transmission of the moderations.

  • Guided tours through museums, cities and tourist attractions
  • Factory tours
  • Multilingual tours with whispering interpreters

Special feature for multilingual sightseeing tours by bus or boat: the TS8 stationary transmitter will transmit information in up to seven languages via data media. Your guests can select their language via the channel selector of the receiver.

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  • Synexis TP8 (USA TP2) beltpack transmitter with TG H54c neckworn microphone or
  • Synexis TH8 (USA TP2) handheld transmitter
  • Synexis RP8 beltpack receiver
  • DT 1 S single-sided headphone (for hearing aids the IL100 induction loop can also be used) 
  • Mobile Synexis C20 (except USA) or C30 charging and transport case or cabinet equipped with Synexis C8 / C10 chargers

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