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Revoluto Project in the Netherlands

Modern PA System and sophisticated technology at the Smallingerland municipality, Netherlands 

The Smallingerland municipality was looking for a complete AV system to integrate into the new Council room. The company AVisie Barneveld realised this project with a Revoluto conference system from beyerdynamic. 

AVisie mentioned two reasons to select the Revoluto system: 

1. The Council meetings are transmitted with three cameras via the internet. Therefore, the microphones should be as unobtrusive as possible.
2. Optimal performance in this acoustically difficult surroundings. For a new Council room you are looking of course for the best solution. 

During the installation, the system was adapted to the desires and requirements of the Council which included two podiums. For the audio, the system also includes two Biamp Nexia CS processors, which make the system user-friendly and exclude a wrong operation. 

Souce: Electric Sound Netherlands 

Information about Revolto: 

Revoluto - The microphone station without gooseneck microphone 
Compared to a gooseneck microphone, the microphone units with the patented Revoluto technology provide a corridor characteristic and more comfort while speaking. There is no need to adjust a gooseneck microphone and the voice range is much wider. Whether you lean backwards, stand up or turn your head, the quality of the intelligibility always remains the same with Revoluto.