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Permanent Representation of Baden-Wuerttemberg in Brussels/Belgium

Recently, the permanent representation of the federal state Baden-Wuerttemberg at the EU in Brussels has been equipped with audio products from beyerdynamic. At the end of April the “European Space Technology Transfer forum” took place in the permanent representation. The forum was organised by the German Aerospace Center (DLR). 

The rooms correspond to a small convention centre and can be used for all kinds of events due to movable walls. There are very often several small events at the same time or big events where the rooms are used as a whole or for different subject areas.The rooms have to be converted partly during the breaks. As the participants of the events are mostly from different countries, a simultaneous interpretation system for a maximum of four languages is also needed. 

Conference systems from beyerdynamic are ideal for the above mentioned application. For flexible use the MCW-D 200 discussion has been installed with 40 microphone units. The MCW-D 200 discussion system features an extensive product range for most individual applications reflecting our long experience in the conference market. As microphone units the MCW-D 2071 (delegate unit) and the MCW-D 2073 (chairman) have been selected. 

For simultaneous interpreting applications the SIS system with 4 dual consoles (each for 2 interpreters) is used for a maximum of 4 foreign languages. The participants can listen to their language directly via the microphone units of the discussion system or via 200 mobile receivers of the TTS 300 system from beyerdynamic. A 4-channel wireless Opus 800 system is used for wireless presentations with beltpack transmitters and neckworn microphones. 

Special Features: 
As the beyerdynamic system is completely mobile, the transmitted audio signal of the existing media system has to be wireless. To achieve this, a transmitter of the new IMS 900 in-ear monitoring system has been installed into the existing system and a receiver module of the Opus 800 system has been set to receive this signal. 

beyerdynamic products being used: 

MCW-D 200 – Digital Wireless Conference System 
SIS – Simultaneous Interpretation System 
TTS 300 – Interpretation and Tour Guide System 
Opus 800 – Modular Wireless System 
IMS 900 – In-Ear Monitoring System