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People, who plan conference rooms today, ideally integrate the required communication and presentation technology into the room and furniture. Due to the patented Revoluto Technology beyerdynamic provides unique solutions for a discreet integration into furniture.



Symbiosis of technology and furniture
The Revoluto built-in microphone units can be folded down into the table and are only raised when needed. beyerdynamic’s microphone units. The innovative Revoluto technology enables this entirely new kind of microphone. Finished in high-class Nextel® “dark black” the microphone units are ideal for visual integration into table surfaces of the most diverse materials. When needed, the microphone units can be manufactured in an appropriate colour matching the surroundings or an appropriate veneer from a furniture manufacturer. In this way communication technology and furniture become one.

Advanced microphones with Revoluto technology
The patented Revoluto technology from beyerdynamic allows this new design of unobtrusive microphones. The principle: An array of microphone capsules is intelligently interconnected resulting in a polar pattern which is perfect for conference applications.

More comfort for the speaker
In addition to the optical aspect the advantage of the microphones is that the speaker can move freely while the audio quality remains the same. The microphone becomes a minor matter.



By using the classical gooseneck microphone beyerdynamic provides different discreet solutions for integration. Only the gooseneck microphone and the integrated button are visible, if necessary also the integrated loudspeaker. The intelligence of the microphone unit is invisibly integrated under the table or in the armrest of a chair in theatre styles.



MCS-Digital Wired Conference System

  • MCS-D 39xx series, Revoluto integrated microphone units with connector panel, special colour available
  • MCS-D 38xx series, Revoluto integrated microphone units, individual veneer or special colour available
  • MCS-D 3673 system unit with CA 36xx operator panel or gooseneck microphone with button, special solutions available

MCS 50 Wired Conference System

  • MCS 501/503 Built-in microphone unit
  • MCS 553 system unit for mounting under the table
  • MCS 563 system unit for remote installation

Only the gooseneck microphone and the operator panel or the integrated button are visible.

MCS 20 Wired Conference System

  • MCS 263 system unit for flush mounting

Option 1: Mounting a gooseneck microphone, built-in button and if necessary and built-in loudspeaker into the table

Option 2: Mounting the MCS 263 into an armrest with gooseneck microphone and built-in button

Option 3: By using the MCS 263 the MPR 211 Revoluto microphone becomes a conference microphone unit



Examples for integrated solutions